How can i setup a NodeODM with my custom ODM image

Hi! I am testing changes to the source code of ODM and would like to test those using WebODM. I have built successfully built a local dockerimage of my source code which runs fine. Now i need to start a NodeODM service which is using my own local image. I understand how to start NodeODM service using docker, but I dont understand how i can make it use my own local image of ODM. How can I do this? Is this even possible?

Thanks for any help!

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You’ve done the hard part. Now for the easy part.

In WebODM, go to Processing Nodes: Add new, and fill relevant info.


where to find a custom odm image. I need agrocam to try their camera images. Thank you.

Thanks. Initially I solved it by changing the first line in the dockerfile for NodeODM which chooses the image to use. But your solution is obviously more clean. Thanks!

Do you also happen to know how i can store the results on a server in the local network from a linux machine running the node. I have tried searching for this but I cant make sense of it. I am new to both Linux and ODM, so there is a lot to take in. When i open a terminal in the folder i want to store the projects in, it says i am in:

/run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share:server=<Servername>, share=<Local file path in server filesystem>

So i suppose smb-share is some program which connects me to the server or something. How can i store my results from NodeODM here?

Clarification: The linux machine is a VM on the same server but the VM has limited storage and needs to access the servers main storage which is in it’s “local network”.

I suppose you can look for forks of ODM on github. I have made my own by testing changes to the source code.

Hi, I saw there are 698 forks. How can I view the forks?
Are these public or private?
I am looking to Agrocam fork. I am planning to buy one this type camera.

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