How can i know the work process of odm_orthophoto

hello,i am a student,i think odm is a very interesting and useful project,so i want to learn the word process of odm_orthophoto,so i decide to read code source to learn about this,so i want to know how many steps about this and how can i read it

Or was your question specific to the workings of the odm_orthophoto program only?

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thank you,yes, i want to know the odm_orthophoto first, and next step I want to know others after the odd_orthophoto

and how can I read the source code, and now I do not know how to deal with the ground control points, how to choose ground control points and how to deal with the GPS coordinate,because the picture of png format have one GPS coordinate, but I do not kown why the result of picture of Tiff format have GPS location for every pixel and how to conversion from png format to tiff format