How can I improve the quality of 3d model?

Hello! So I’ve been following this software and technology for quite some time for making 3d models, and decided to get myself a Mavic Mini a couple of months ago. Yesterday I finally made my first missions to capture some images of some structures.

I made a single flight with parallel lines pattern with 80% front and 70% side overlap, at about 40-50mts of height from ground.


Then processed the images with no additional parameters and got these results:





The orthophotos are great, but the 3d models not so. It was somewhat windy, and it was sunny (the house photos were at sunset which I know it’s not the best time to get the images). I know some improvements I can do (flying in overcast weather, and with no wind so there’s less gps error?), but I think there’s more room for improvment.

I believe it is difficult for the software to map vertical surfaces from only nadir photos. Is this the case? If so, is it useful to add another flight with oblique photos as well? Does ODM need to “know” if photos are oblique or nadir? (Like some inclination angle parameter in the img file).

Also, if I make another flight of a portion of the area of interest with lower altitude, to get more texture/model quality of that specific area and feed ODM those images along with the main area images straight away, will that sub area in the 3d model be more detailed?




I don’t see much to be upset about with that set of results! Great job!

Perfectly nadir can be tough. A few degrees off from nadir (80-85deg) should help.

Others have done another flight plan with around 45-65 and gotten great results, especially for buildings.

No need to tell it anything about angle. Should all be in the image EXIF.

It should process the closer dataset without much input from you.

You can always tweak your processing parameters to eke out more quality, as well.

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Thank you for the reply! Yes, those results were very good for being the first ones.

I couldn’t find any info about camera angle in my picture’s EXIF, I guess that if I feed it with angled images, the algorithm will sort it out?

You mean to join the photos of both flight plans, with the new one having 45-65º vertical angle? And what about also changing the orientation of the 2nd flight plan, would that help?

I will play a bit with these and will tell the results

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Yep! It should all get sorted out in the reconstruction.

Yep, provided the scene is pretty similar and the lighting is pretty similar, it should just work.

Yes, Stephen has some guidance on this:


Thank you! Will post updates.


Okay, so, I’ve found a cool place to take photos without problems (which was harder than i thought), took images with various patterns (6, with 470 pics, maybe i could reduce that a bit and keep the quality), and made the processing. So as promised, here are the results.

They are very promising given there were no params and post processing:


Very neat! Looks like a few tweaks to your parameters will take it to the next level!