How can I change the installation directory of the Docker image in Windows Home?

I installed the Docker to install the Open Drone Map (ODM), according to the ODM instructions available at github. I’m using Windows Home and I couldn’t define where the Docker records the image, because I only found instruction to make this change on How do I change the Docker image installation directory? - DockerEngine - Docker Forums.

Additionally, in the Docker documentation is written a note that says "The Advanced tab is only available in Hyper-V mode, because in WSL 2 mode and Windows container mode these resources are managed by Windows. In WSL 2 mode, you can configure limits on the memory, CPU, and swap size allocated to the WSL 2 utility VM. However, at Release Notes for Windows Subsystem for Linux | Microsoft Docs I found no information regarding my OS Build: 18363.1316.

Already in the first processing with WebODM I ran out of space on disk C. Would it be possible to land to D:?

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Windows home ? a full c: ; can be also a few ram … do the trick of doing a partitión with a genuine ubuntu installation on D:, and install docker an webodm with this dedicate partition ; i do it and save enought RAM( also have win10 with a lot of programs), i spent 90 mins on win10 and 25 mins with Ubuntu for a ortomap with 32 pictures …the difference is that when you start the pc have a menu to choice win10 or ubuntu system, you can export import files win to ubuntu also.

Helo ricardo,

Thank you for this tip. Could you just tell me if it is possible to do this in a second SSD? I ask this because my D: is a separated SSD, and this was my first alternative, but they said-me that this dual boot is just possible when I have two partitions at the same SSD. I could not find a way to do this with two different disks with win10 at SSD 1 (256GB) and Ubunto at SSD 2 (256GB). Do you know a tutorial about this?

Thanks a lot!

see this video, first save data ; more or less do it second do usb ubuntu instalation; install ubuntu and grub on D: …more details on video, active translator or search another video in english 💿 Dual Boot Windows 10 y Ubuntu (con dos discos duros) | BIOS (MBR) - YouTube

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