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Hey all,

I have some products that i have historically done (imagery mosaics) that i would like to host on my local WebODM. I don’t have the original stills taken from the drone, just the tiff that dronedeploy did.

Is there a way to host these historical images so that i can use the 2D viewer to view them?



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Yes, rename your TIFF into odm_orthophoto.tif and place it in a odm_orthophoto folder. Then zip the odm_orthophoto folder and import the zip file via WebODM’s Import – Import From File.


Will try this out thanks!

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Apologies for reviving an old thread, I wasn’t sure if my query was worth starting a whole new one.

I’ve been lurking in the shadows for a little while and am really intrigued by ODM/DroneDB and the potential it could have for the small UAV Survey team I’m part of. We currently primarily use Agisoft Metashape for processing photogrammetry data, orthomosaics etc (although wouldn’t mind trying local ODM processing) and rather clunkily share these products with our clients via OneDrive, WeTransfer etc.

I’m wondering whether there might be a better way to do this (DroneDB looks great) and am particularly interested in allowing clients to visualise our data in their browser, without specialist viewing tools.

Whilst I have some experience in GIS, I’m by no means a developer nor do I have any experience of coding/python etc (that said, I would be keen to learn). I just wondered whether there was a steep learning curve and what you thought might be a good opensource data sharing/visualisation solution for our team that has a limited budget?


I use WebODM to serve samples on my website. Gives prospective clients a feel for the data.

You can create WebODM accounts for each client you would like to serve data to and have them login through your WebODM server. The tools available are kind of limited but I doubt most clients would be doing serious calculations or analysis on the web portal.

There is measurements tools, volume calculation and in Potree there is selectable profiles of the pointcloud.

The client can download all assets through the website where they view and play with the results.

If you would like to tinker a little I can give you access to my server.


You could also serve up maps with QGIS, using something like qgis2web or qgis2threejs for 3D maps…

Heck, you can use QGIS server to serve up maps and layouts 100% as they render in QGIS Desktop.

Thanks for the replies TerraVia and Saijin.

I may well be in touch about the WebODM server stuff TerraVia. Do you host this yourself on a local server or is it hosted via a third party Server like AWS?

Funnily enough I had been exploring QGIS2Web, but that’s the first I’ve heard of QGIS2threejs, certainly interesting! Only downside is that it’s 2.5D rather than being able to produce a visualisation of a full 3D mesh. From your experience, does QGIS2Web handle large high-res Orthomosaics okay?

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I’ve not used it in production, so I can’t confirm.
I used GeoServer which could if you set it up correctly.

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