Holes generating 3d point clouds

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing some problems with 3D point cloud, due to the holes in cars.
I’ve used these parameters : min-num-features: 16000, orthophoto-resolution: 0.1, ignore-gsd: true, texturing-data-term: area, depthmap-resolution: 2000, rerun-from: dataset. Do you know whats happening?
Thank you

This is a likely a function of cars being somewhat featureless and shiny, which makes them much more difficult to extract.

This also happens on very light vs dark ratios of very sunny days on white painted objects (sunny side vs shadow) …

Thank you. Do you have any suggestions to improve this model?

Have you tried the new MicMac module?:

I would like to try MICMAC.
I’ve used these commands ./webodm.sh update and then ./webodm.sh restart --with-micmac but MICMAC was not available, just nodeodm. Any idea of what’s happening?
Thank you

I’ve also tried to use these commands in docker as well as the shell from the “open shell”, but they do not work. ./ suggests I have to be in some subfolder of WebODM for them to work, but I don’t know which. I guess this is the classical “curse of knowledge” thing, it can be difficult to imagine for some of you guys not to know this :wink:. I’d also like to try MICMAC node, as it seems to give more straight line results.
Any help would be appreciated!

You need to type those commands from a Git Bash application, not from the command prompt.

Thank you for the reply. From Windows level ? I typed them in Git Bash in Windows but it does not work.

Please try to delete your webodm folder and then do another Git clone. It worked for me.

I deleted, then pressed “start webodm” and it automatically repopulated. What now?

I got this, fighting with PIP. I just intalled it a few times, rebooted, and nothing

OK, I added the path to PIP and it passed, but now I have “Windows named pipe error: Unable to find the specified file. (code: 2)”


Try it on Linux.

Thank you guys, It works!
I feel like i’ve cut the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring, and it’s just a fleshwound. I hope you can bring me some nice shrubbery.
I got a DSM + tiles, but unfortunately I can’t get the ortophoto. It says the photos don’t have coordinates in EXIF, but they have. The DSM fits nicely in QGIS

I’m having the same problem too! :confused: My images have GPS data. I don’t understand why it doesn’t recognise!!