[Hiring] WebODM > FieldIMAGR > shapefile > John Deere to reduce herbicide use

I’m working with a farmers group to setup systems to improve their cropping operations. One of the projects is to identify weeds in a fallow field to reduce their herbicide use.

I’d like to work with someone to develop FieldIMAGER into a useable UI to go from drone images → WebODM → Remove soil / identify vegetation → create shapefile → John Deere.

If you’d like to be a part of this project send me an email (darren (at) nextechit.com.au) with your experience or reply below. Budget is flexible depending on experience / deliverables.


Will you be upstreaming these improvements?

Of course. I’ve got some very basic front end working but it’s in R Shiny. Still a long way off being a plugin.

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