High Resolution Orthophoto

I’m trying to create an orthophoto in WebODM from a collection of drone images flown at an elevation of 35ft. In one run I’ve collected about 168 12MP images but the output resolution is 1104x693 pixels. My settings are: resize images: no as well as fast-orthophoto: true, ignore-gsd: true.

If my only goal is to get a high resolution image, say something where any text found on signs on the ground in the source imagery is just as readable in the final image, what settings would I need to tweak?

I only care about an orthophoto and no other products.

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Hi JeremyH,

What kind of drone are you using? what’s the project GSD?

you can change ignore-gsd to ortophoto-resolution 0.5 or the lowest possible gsd

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Are the signs facing upwards? An orthorectified photo is like a map- you generally cant see the vertical faces of things like signs, only the view from above, apart from sometimes near the edges of the orthpohoto.

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@israelbar Thank you very much, changing the orthophoto-resolution to a very small number made a very nice image. Is there a way to determine an appropriate resolution based on my source imagery? Such as 0.1 or 0.01 just so I don’t remove any quality from the photos?

@Gordon There was a knocked over sign in the linked source imagery that was facing upwards.

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Calculate the GSD based on the camera model, so you can determine the lowest --ortophoto-resolution

If you need more detail, then you can upscale the images. I have used topaz gigapixel with outstanding results.


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