High quality stitched map

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Apoligies if I waste your time with really dumb newbe questions.

I flew a mission with my Autel EVO II. It took 1110 pictures with about 80% overlap of a certain buildingsite.
I uploaded those in WebODM. My computer had a really hard time, but after over 12 hours it completed the job.

What I cant seem to find is a high quality map composed of the stitched photos.
Just a really sharp 2D panorama-like map.

Or is this not what WebODM was build for?
And if not… Any suggestions what software I could use for this purpose?

Thanks for your time.
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your ortho tif is a stitched image.

bring that into GIS or Google Earth and resave in jpg if you need that.
(screen capture and crop is a dirty way to do it as well).

there is a setting in WebODM to export the generated ortho to png, did you check that in the custom menu?
you may be able to reprocess for that alone.

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Thank yoy for your quick reply.
Can you help me to find this png option?
Is it a plugin?

under options (below “processing node”)
click the “edit” button directly, on the far right…the processing options are in alphabetical order…

34 options down you will see
“ortho-png”…click to enable a png generation when processing completes…
it will be in the all zip file…


click on the edit button, scroll down 34 items…they are alphabetic…get to ortho-png and check enable, then SAVE!

You have to check this EVERY TIME, if you want a png…its not a default in any of the standard choices…


Found it.
Thanks again for your time and swift replies.

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