High quality orthophotos

Thank you for developing this great software!

I’m new to Web ODM.
I need to generate high quality orthophotos.
The result is stunning but when exporting to .tif, files are really big >1.5 Go.

  • How can I open such big files?
  • Is it possible to export only a specific area of the orthophoto?
  • I only work in 2D, how to disable 3D model computing? (or is it mandatory in order to generate the orthophoto?)

GIMP image manipulation software will open very large .TIF files, so long as you have enough RAM

Perhaps easiest to re-process just the area of interest and export that

Look into QGIS for clipping and other manipulation for your data products.

You can skip the 3d reconstruction with the skip 3d option. Check docs.webodm.org


thanks to both of you for the reply.

Concerning QGIS, should I have to load the giant .tif file, or should I export the WebODM data?

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I’m not sure I understand your question properly, but QGIS can handle the export/final products from WebODM just fine.

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OK but which files? .tif, .geojson, .zip or .laz?

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It really depends on what you want to add to your visualization.

Take a look here to get a bit of an overview of what the different products are:

Thank you for your help.
I’m really a new to webODM, I can’t find such directories on my Windows hard drives, are they located on the virtual machine? how to get there???

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Yeah, if you are using the docker or WSL2 version, they will be stored inside that volume.

You can always request that WebODM export the assets into an “all.zip”

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