High memory utilisation in the end

In nearly every step on the way only as much as 25% out of 64gigs of ram is used but at the end of densifying the pointcloud 99% of ram is in use and 100% swap. And the computer is pretty locked.

Is this normal and will SPLIT help?

Im thinking split at 250 and a 20m radius.

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–pc-quality and --pc-filter would be my first place to start. Also, lowering --max-concurrency would also help reduce peak memory consumption.


Problem is that I need quality output.

I’m trying split now and hope it will work out.

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Split will be composited at the end… I’m not sure you can avoid issues with PC filtering if you don’t adjust parameters.

You should look into pc-filter. You likely can relax it a bit without losing much detail and it has a massive impact on how many points are included, and thus memory consumption.

I’m filtering a bit already. I normally do an intelligent filtering in CloudCompare.

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No, got an error again, “can not process dataset”.

I don’t get it.

Mavic 2 pro
20 degrees from nadir
80% overlap
Cross flight.

Can you re-try with --max-concurrency 2 or something?

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