Hiding from Sidebar default menus

I set up WebODM on my server and it is amazing. However, I want to customize the sidebar. I saw some old threads where some people would describe the process by adding HTML/Javascript fuctions into the “Theme” section from the administrator. I did not succeed with that.

Can anyone tell me how I can Hide the “About” section, aswell as the “Lightning Network”?

I would be Very grateful for your help!

My approach so far, that did not work:

    function changeStyle(){
        var element = document.getElementById("about-menu");
element.style.visibility= "none";    

These were the 2x links where some other people were discussing it, but with the commands I could not fix it.

  1. Hide About on left Side-Bar
  2. Remove the WebODM documentation link from main page of service

Maybe someone could help? :pray:

Any ideas?

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