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Hello commuity!

I am working as a geologist in civil enginering in southern germany. One of my jobs is doing field work, mostly mapping around rivers and waterways. For this i use a drone for several mapping issues from high water levels to geological mapping and cleavage analysis.
I use ODM for sometime now and switched now to WebODM because i want to use our HPC-Cluster for calculating images.

Have a lot of fun :slight_smile:


Hey There,

I am new to mapping and WebODM. Hoping to use it for cell tower inspection as I worked in Telecom a number of years and have been flying drones a little over 2 years.

You have been using ODM a few years, what do you like about it?


ODM creates all i need in one single turn really fast. You get an orthophoto, a pointcloud and a textured Model for Blender in one turn. On the technical aspect it scales very well, so i can use it the same way on my laptop, our 32core server or our HPC-cluster and benefit from the ressources. With WebODM i can put the whole process on our intranet, so my other collegues can use it too if they want, or can get the results.
Most of the work i did in the last time has been highwater-monitoring. So i have to go out and make a flight on a distinct location or situation and the result is needed as soon as possible. With ODM we can have an orthophoto in a good quality in about 1-2 hours after return which is available as file and on our webmapserver.


I know it has been forever, COVID and all lost my focus on things fun! How do the images over water work, does the drone give accurate information?

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