Hi, guys. An announcement on my birthday, of all days

I’ve posted several time in here with remarks and questions regarding the GPU efforts in ODM, mostly with questions. Today is an update of sorts.

Major progress has been made in the GPU efforts despite some major setbacks.
One setback was Mr NimbleFingers, in a rush to close out a big testing section, hit an incorrect OS flag and wiped an entire 6 Tb disk partition. Try as I might, that partition is irretrievable. I even purchased an identical 8 Tb disk to try the recovery on, with no luck. So will have to start back from scratch but with the lessons learned, it won’t take long to get back to where I was.

Another setback, of unknown magnitude (but probably much smaller) is that I had a little stroke 10 days ago. MRI confirmed the stroke. So far, there don’t appear to be any knowledge gaps but some typing slowdowns are visible until I can retrain that part of the memory.

Already re-creating the prior progress that I had, so Yay.

Stuff happens.



Shit. Glad you are still with us!


Oh wow. Glad you’re OK!