Hi from the "Australia's Scalable Drone Cloud" project

Just reaching out to say hi to the devs/community as we really appreciate your software. We are starting to use ODM/WebODM as the starting point for our initial work at ASDC building some cloud infrastructure for drone data.

My name is Owen, I’m a developer part time on the project. I don’t have much experience with the drone and GIS world yet but am familiar with photogrammetry/SfM techniques from work in other domains (less geospatial, more smaller space/object scanning etc). My background is computer/data science - graphics programming and GPU/HPC programming in the research space. At the moment I’ve mostly been doing cloud orchestration dev but hoping to get into some GPU/Graphics again at some point if the project requires it.

@tim and @adamsteer are also involved, as part of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility’s contribution - see Adam’s post/paper here ODM-as-infrastructure

In early stages, but hoping to contribute back everything that will be useful to the wider community.
So far we have a WebODM and ClusterODM setup running on our high performance cloud infrastructure, handling large split-merge jobs nicely.

Would love to leverage some of the GPUs down the track, seems like it is a work in progress, perhaps we could help there?

Our work is based around our github org @ https://github.com/AuScalableDroneCloud including a fork of WebODM using Auth0 to manage auth/user accounts. Some of the work is in private repos, such as orchestration of the cluster which is running with Kubernetes on OpenStack, this will all be publicly available too in the near future.

Next steps will probably involve:

  • a bit of playing around with tweaking WebODM, working on plugins, such as additional data access options for the cloud import plugin
  • accessing GPUs in our k8s pods/docker containers to prepare for when we might be able to use them.
  • experimenting with writing new Node interfaces à la NodeMICMAC/NodeCM to other SfM software to support users with attachments to commercial offerings driven from WebODM.

Thanks for all the hard work on OpenDroneMap!


Welcome @OwKal ! Great to see ASDC here, and looking forward to what comes out of it all…


Hey @OwKal :hand: welcome!

We’d be happy to receive contributions! You will also find that the less your fork deviates from the core repository, the less the burden when it comes time to merging changes from upstream.

For GPU support, take a look at https://github.com/mapillary/OpenSfM/pull/623


Wow, hadn’t seen that pull request. That’s exciting. Also: @OwKa: Welcome! Good to have you here.


We’ll definitely try to keep our fork from drifting too much. Preferably, highly customised development for the project, outside the scope of ODM, will be in other layers or plugins.

I’ve been watching that OpenSfM discussion, hope it gets merged soon!
Is there much work to use it in ODM after this happens?

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At the moment, since our OpenSfM fork is quite behind master, yes. :slight_smile:


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