Hi, from Pix4D to ODM

Hi there,
I’m Esteban, from France, working in the mining industry.

We need accurate and recent pointcloud of the terrain and that is why until now we were using RTK drones along with Pix4D. Results were good but for two purposes (price and CLI usage) we needed to move on. After studying what was available (and especially loosing a lot of time in the nightmare of MicMac commands) we discover that ODM had now a Windows native version <3. It was our first choice but because we can not run docker on our machine had been reject at start.

So here am I, ready to begin my way with this onliner pipeline that is ODM (and waiting for the gpu option for window too :wink: )



We wish you success.

Any cool pictures or data to share?

Was going to post a small picture-set in order to obtain help with geo-referecement.
Here is the link to the pictures : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10RFMUQwaAUIvdRzj1utt1gWbeV0Vcp-r
There is also the a file containing proj string and lat, long, atl, omega, phi, kappa, xy_precision, z_precision in EPSG:2154.

Ooh, great stuff! Looks like the moon.

If you’re going to need help, feel free to start another thread and let us know what’s going on there.

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Bienvenue au groupe WEB/ODM! (Welcome to the WEBODM/ODM Group!

Moi aussi je travaille dans le domaine miner. I work in mining too.




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