Hi Everybody


I found myself here after quite a circuitous route that started with some land restoration we are attempting. After finding out the cost of surveys…well, now I own a drone (used P3P), and have had reasonable success out of the gates…to the point where I now have an old dell r610 server in my garage to try to speed things up :-). (I do have some questions for another thread on that).

But I did want to say how amazed I am at the community that I have been lurking around in for a month or so.

Jeff in portland


Welcome, Jeff!

Quite a way to get involved, haha! Jumping in with both feet.

Show off some stuff if/when you feel like! We love seeing what folks are up to!

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well. here is the teaser, achieved after one spectacular drone crash (not my fault!), with drone #2. no GCPs (oops), and about 5 flights run all at once. My goal is to use this for both the stream restoration (beaver dam analogs) and also for some topography.

right now, I am struggling to get the second round of flights to process nicely, along with a ton of hand held for some under canopy.

Once I can really frame up what I think my problem is, you can expect to see me pleading for help…