Help With Improving Orthophoto Resolution

What settings are you using? I have a image set of a small field with 107 pictures and the ortho is only about 200mb in size. I flew at 50ft with my drone, when I zoom in, its extremely blurry? I have a larger field with 2030 images and its really blurry too. Any tips would be great!! Thank you!

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Are you processing locally, or in WebODM Lightning?

I normally set feature-quality and pc-quality to ultra, bump up min-num-features to like 12000, and set dem and ortho resolution to 1cm, but leave ignore-gsd OFF (so it still clamps to actual GSD I flew at).

What are you using?

Thank you! I am processing locally with 32gb of ram. I was using fast ortho. I am running with your suggested settings right now! I’ll let you know the result. I am using a set of pictures that I ran through Pix4D, so this was I can do side by side comparison and compare the file size’s too

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Hi Again, I ran my data set and got my result back. It is still really blurry compared to the one from Pix 4D. The file size form WebODM is 109MB and the same ortho from Pix 4D is 817MB. Any tips? I might have to spend some time this weekend playing with settings more. I just got into this program 2 days ago. So far I am loving it!

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Hmm, it’s hard to say without knowing the exact processing settings you used in both programs.

Also, are you able to share your data on something like or a different cloud sharing platform?

This link is for the Pix4D map - Hub

This is the link for all the files WebODM made - Hub

Hope this helps! The settings in Pix4D were just the standard, nothing custom

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If you could upload your P4D project to the Pix4D hub you made, that’d be super helpful.

Their settings don’t really align with ours perfectly. For instance, their “low” mesh setting is more akin to our standard mesh settings.

Further info:
I wouldn’t compare file-size as a metric of quality, especially not with Raster data.
Pix4D is using LZW and ODM is using Deflate, so in nearly every instance, our product will be smaller than Pix4D’s equivalent just due to the way higher compression efficiency of Deflate vs LZW.

As for your specific case, Pix4D is processing the Ortho at around 1.5cm pixels, and ODM defaulted to just about 5cm pixels.

You can tweak your settings to align more with that to get started in the right direction.

Thanks for the helpfully information, I really appreciate it. I set it to 1cm when using WebODM.

Here is the link to a zip of all my pix4d files, its rather large at 9gb - Hub

I was thinking that with how much I am liking the usability of it so far, about just buying a license for it to have the installer version. Ive also been doing some reading and going to start messing with hooking multiple computers together to process the data faster. This program is so cool!!!

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Mmm, so for the above ODM data that was at 5cm, you did try to set it to 1cm? I guess it needed ignore-gsd as well, then.

I’ll take a look soon.

If that adds value for you, then sounds great! Ah, making a local processing cluster sounds super fun. If I had a money tree I’d love to see what a cluster of Rasperry Pi 4B 8GB RAM units could do…


Thanks for that! I’ll have to go back and tweak my settings again. Thanks so much for the help!

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I dont know if that big of a file would work on the other platform so here is a google drive link. Pix4D - Google Drive

I don’t expect you to waste all your time helping me. I really appreciate all the help you have givin me so far! :slight_smile:


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