Help with histograms on multispectral images


I am processing NGB images for obtaining Blue NDVI. The problem is that the scale of colors does not match reality. For instance, dirty roads that should be orange or red are displayed green, please check image 1.jpg

When adjusting the bars to the beginning and the end of the histogram curves, it gets worst, plese check image 2.jpg

It gets closer to reality when the bars and the histogram are non related, please check 3.jpg

Any ideas of what am I doing wrong?

Thank you,

Miguel1 2 3

Mm, strange, there’s also some wacky layout issues going on. What browser are you using?

Thank you Piero. I am using Chrome

Mm, even stranger xD Is this a docker install?

I guess so, docker is running when ODM starts. I’m using the installer for Windows.

Could you share the odm_orthophoto.tif file? I’m taking care of the UI issues in

Thank you Piero, I shared it in the indicated link

Ok, this was a tricky one, went all the way down to rio-tiler.

PR with fix:

Thanks for reporting this.


Thank you Piero, it works like a charm