Help with ClusterODM and AWS autoscaling

Having trouble setting up clusterdom on AWS

running this command: node index.js --asr aws.json

then I add and lock the first node and it says offline. And in screen I get the following:
warn: Running in debug mode
info: ClusterODM 1.4.0 started with PID 7441
debug: Debug messages are ON
info: Starting admin CLI on 8080
warn: No admin CLI password specified, make sure port 8080 is secured
info: Starting admin web interface on 10000
warn: No admin password specified, make sure port 10000 is secured
info: Cloud: LocalCloudProvider
info: ASR: AWSAsrProvider
info: Can write to S3
info: Found docker-machine executable
info: Loaded 1 nodes
info: Loaded 0 routes
info: Starting http proxy on 3000

warn: Cannot update info for locahost:3001: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND locahost

Any chance you can help me?

Trying to use AWS autoscaling.

From GitHub - OpenDroneMap/ClusterODM: A NodeODM API compatible autoscalable load balancer and task tracker for easy horizontal scaling ♆

You should always have at least one static NodeODM node attached to ClusterODM, even if you plan to use the autoscaler for all processing. If you setup auto scaling, you can’t have zero nodes and rely 100% on the autoscaler. You need to attach a NodeODM node to act as the “reference node” otherwise ClusterODM will not know how to handle certain requests (for the forwarding the UI, for validating options prior to spinning up an instance, etc.). For this purpose, you should add a “dummy” NodeODM node and lock it:

telnet localhost 8080
> NODE ADD localhost 3001
1) localhost:3001 [online] [0/2] <version 1.5.1> [L]