Help with API

I am studying to create a tool that will use the WEBODM API and I would like to know if I can integrate a personal login screen for my users, where they will be able to access their own dashboards through their login?
Another question, would it be possible to change the API graphical interface putting elements, images, fonts and colors the same as my website?

Thank you for your help.

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Sounds like an interesting project!

Unfortunately, I’m not intimately familiar with the API, so I don’t know for sure if what you want to accomplish can be done, but it does seem reasonable to do so. I believe we’re using PostgreSQL on the backend to store users/roles/etc.

As for the customization, there is the option to change the WebODM “branding” right in WebODM’s settings.

Have you taken a look at that yet to see if it provides the level of customization you need?

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