Help with an effect like "eyefish" on DEM

Hi All, i’m pretty new and not a english speaker so I will do my best.
I use dronedeploy ios app to make a flight to process around 40 hectareas, I use 3 batteries on my phanton 4 pro dron, flighing at 80 meters I get 800 images to process.
I try few times to process them and is imposible with my computer, so I make 2 task, first one with the 0 to 400 images and other task with the 400 to 800 images.

I tell you this, because maybe have something to do with my problem, I don’t think so but, I explain anyways.

Im pretty sure that on the field is not like a see on the image and the export file on qgis.
How can I tune fine with this?

any clue?
maybe my english is so bad that no one understand me… jejejeje
english speakers, is well redacted my question?

It’s a classical “doming” or “bowl” effect. It’s been discussed on the forum before in topics such as 3D Render is curved and Problem with webodm generated DSM/DTM - #14 by kikislater