Help with altitudes, speeds, f-stops, and more

I’m having a little difficulty understanding which equations (of the ones I can even find!) to use to help determine altitudes, speeds, camera specifics, and etc to fly for autonomous missions. Are these tools in ODM?
For example, I need to map and convert to 3D about 12 acres. Once I outline the area of interest, can ODM help me set aititudes, speeds, and etc. to get a desired, say 3cm/pixel from a hexacopter?


WebODM doesn’t yet have a flight planner. What one you use depends in part upon your drone. What are you flying?

Couple of different ones. Strongest is the one with Pixhawk Cube 2.1

And what OS for ground station: Linux, Windows, Mac, or Android?

Winblows, several versions of Linux, even irix if I break the old machines. :slight_smile: But the (planned) mapping machine runs Debian Stretch. It has some horsepower and a bit of storage space, along with an NAS in the other room. It’s just me, alone. (Long time computer nerd.)

For Linux plus Mavlink drones, you can look to ardupilot and qgroundcontrol

I found nothing in either tool to assist with mission altitudes, recommended speeds, f-stops, and etc. during a flight. Did I miss something?

I don’t know qgroundcontrol we’ll, but missionplanner for sure can set elevations and velocity. Fstops I’m not sure about.

Yeah, I’m looking for a flight planning tool that I can set the overlap and resolution requirements and have the planner do the donkey work of the calcs and then throw up the calculated routes, altitudes, f-stops, snapshot timings, and etc. It’s all math.

I found this over on Youtube and these settings/recommendations work pretty well (at least for camera settings) for me: