Help - WebODM stopped working!

Having been using WebODM for several months using the Lightning node, WebODM has suddenly stopped working for me. I am not sure whether this occurred after Docker got an update. Regardless, in sheer desperation I paid for another Download, fearing something had become corrupted, but I still cannot get anything to work. Can anybody help me get back up and running, please?

Hey Andy :hand: when you say “stopped working”, what do you mean? Are you getting an error message? Which is it?

Not sure whether it was a Docker issue - I just got the message that Docker was starting, but it just sat there doing nothing.

However, I have tinkered and fiddled and it now seems to be working again. Unfortunately, because I have no idea what I am doing, I have no idea what it was that remedied the situation!

Thanks for your reply but it seems to be ok again, now! Odd!

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