Help Tweak 3D Model

I am trying to process a decent 3D model and can’t quite get the options. Look at the video and task output to get an idea of what I’ve done so far. Do you have any suggestions on tweaking the options to get the best model possible?

  1. Video of model results:

  2. Each task output is found in the associated text file. To match them look at the name of the file and match that to the video segment name in upper left of video. Links to console output below:

  1. See video for the parameters. Each flight, there were 4, has the parameter values and total time to process the model on the right of the video.

  2. Browser: Chrome
    OS: MacOS
    Purchased business installer

  3. The images used for the model are in the archive file here. These images were used for the last “Move extraneous images - use SfM” process set and used in each of the other sets. The difference from the 1st three is that the images that did not have any part of the house were removed from the set.

I hope this is clear enough to understand.


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Hi Everyone,
I flew the area again and used the multi-level 3D flight plan on the P4RTK. It was a bright overcast day and I set overlap to 80% front & 80% side. The capture interval was set to 3 seconds. I ended up with 354 images and set the following options: (the rest were default settings)

  1. [INFO] depthmap_resolution: 1000.0
  2. [INFO] dsm: True
  3. [INFO] mesh_octree_depth: 12
  4. [INFO] mesh_size: 400000
  5. [INFO] use_3dmesh: True
  6. [INFO] verbose: True

Do you have any suggestions on how to flatten the walls?

With these settings I got the following results…


Below is a link to a video showing a 360 results…

Why are there only 2 cameras that appear on the 3D model?

Thank you,

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