Help to increase memory. project stops with 'not enough memory'

hi all

i installed webodm manually via code and docker and i dont even know how i managed but i did.

i have a i7 laptop with 64gb ram and 1tb ssd

i have done 4 projects each with about 200 to 300 pics… they ran smooth.

now on a 360 pic project, it runs half way and says in the status bar ‘not enough memory’

i am using the wsl2 backend where i cannot adjust any memory settings or cpu usage or anything.

do i need to increase the memory in the docker container or what?

i have absolutely zero experience with coding, so ive tried to search how to do this, but

do i use gitbash to do the code instructions or?

im unsure of the fine details about coding so the spacing to use between words do i put docker first in the instruction, ie
docker stats – what are the --for?

to increase a container size in docker how do i get the container name… in the container there are images, must i increase one image size or the entire container?

if the container where do i get the container id?

i ran [ docker stats and got a few things? which one do i increase.

how do i check the current settings on the container…

please im so sorry for the stupidness, but im so desperate fo this to work

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You can increase the memory/cpu’s/swap file size that WSL2 is using with a .wslconfig file in your userprofile directory. See the WSL2 docs here: Advanced settings configuration in WSL | Microsoft Learn

I give wsl2 all resources except 2 cpu cores and reserve 4GB ram for OS. Give the swap file about 25-50% of what you assign for memory.

I’d try that first before changing container sizes.


thank you kind sir…

sorry for my ignorance… but where do i find that?

plz you may need to draw pictures for me… :face_with_peeking_eye:

is it through gitbash (code) or is it in the files of docker, or files of webodm?

You have to create one in your user account directory in windows. Since it’s in a windows directory, you can use notepad or whatever you’d like. Please read the MS docs I linked to.

For me, I created it here

which contains (again, see the linked docs for all options, I’m just using a few)


thank you… guys a few months ago i was only using a work pc to send emails now and again…

now i have to make my own work…
ALL GLORY TO HIM, the name above all names… :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

just to clarify… i also allocated more memory to my virtual machine under
‘advanced system settings’,
advanced, performance, performance options, advanced then virtual memory… i gave it 180g initial and 300g max just to see if that would help, but no…

is this something i should change back or?

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You have 64GB ram, so you can’t give it more than what your system physically has. Also don’t give it the max of 64. You need some headroom to run windows itself. So give it like 60GB.

I’ve only adjusted the WSL2 settings on mine, so can’t comment on the other things you’ve done. I suspect mismatched settings in various places can cause issues.

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