Help to generate .mbtiles assets

Hi all!

I just started to use WebODM and all is ok up and running pretty good.

But I cant get export in .mbtiles - there isno such option in my asset download menu.

I found screenshot that it can be possible - - here .mbtiles export is available. It is not my screenshot - I just found googling it =)

Help me please to configure WebODM so I can generate and download .mbtiles.

Thank you!

Hmm, I wonder if this a screenshot from an old version of webodm. that option is not available now as far as I know.

alternatively you can use softwel tiler to export an ortho to mbtiles, tms or xyz as well as qgis.

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It looks like this is. It looks like the WebODM generation of MBTiles disappeared a couple of years ago as part of a simplification process:

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Ok, I see.
Softwel tiler works good so I will use it to convert geotiff to mbtiles.
Thanks a lot!

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