I’m Rakshit Jain from IIIT-Pune. My team and I are working with our faculty on a GIS research project. I came across your profile and seeing your experience in this field, we feel that you can greatly help us in understanding this industry.
I’ve attached a short form that will help my team get to know about the current user trends in GIS/Photogrammetry software.

It’ll not take more than 2 minutes. The information that you provide will be used for quality research work that can help build better software for the GIS industry.

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What are your goals with collecting this research? What software are you looking to improve?

Will you share the results with us here so we can learn as well?


Was going to ask that as well. Where are you going to publish the results?


Hi, I’m also working on this project. We’re trying to get real-time point-cloud generation algorithms on cloud computational platforms, to give fast DSMs, orthomosaics to mappers. Also, this will be coupled with a cloud based, web GIS editor, so that users can perform basic operations of annotating, measurement etc., share the results with their end-client easily.
After the successful completion of our project, we’ll try to get the algorithms used by us to be implemented in ODM as well. As for the project, it’ll be a commercial application.
And we’ll post the survey results here, so that everyone can get insights and benefit from it!


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