Help - New computer processing slower

Team, first post… Need some help. Here the question. Why would my 5 year old Windows 7 Professional 8GB ram desktop outperform and new rig with Windows 10 Pro and 32 GB? For comparison, a 65 image job took 45 minutes in the old machine and 1 hr 5 in the new one. Ran it a second time and it ran in 1 hr 7 minutes. Screenshots of new computer specs and docker advanced settings attached. Thanks in advance for any insight.
(Can only post one image so will type out specs of computer. Windows 10 Pro 32 GB Ram… Intel i7-4910MQ CPU @ 2.90 GHz)


Try assigning more CPUs to docker. It should speed things up.

I didn’t actually understand that setting. Based on my computer, how many CPUs should I use? What should that option be?


Half of the available CPUs is a safe option, but you can go all the way to N - 2 (where N is the number of available CPUs). So if you have 8 CPUs, you can allocate up to 6 for maximum performance.