Help for mapping program or website for drone

I work in a large corporate farm, I will move on to the drone part, but I am looking for a free application to combine the photos taken with drones in the agricultural area (the company does not pay for the application :smiley: ) can you help me.


Glad to hear you’re going to be working with sUAS and aerial imagery data, especially in the context of Agriculture. I quite enjoyed that myself!

Unfortunate that your large corporation will not pay to support a software that it sounds like they’ll be using to make money.

I’d like to ask that you and your company consider purchasing the easy installers from UAV4Geo (, and/or possibly investigate hosted WebODM via WebODM Lightning (

Otherwise, the forum is an excellent resource. You’ll find a ton of other people who went through a similar path from researching options to having success with OpenDroneMap.

Check out our documentation:

Check out our advanced guide:

And check out the GitHub for other instructions and the code:

I hope you enjoy your time with our community!

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While you get acquainted with the documentation and get familiar, can you help us out with a few basic questions?

  1. Processing computer specs
    1A) Operating System
    1B) Physical Memory (RAM)
    1C) Processor Model

  2. sUAS Platform specs
    2A) sUAS Model
    2B) sUAS Camera/Sensor

There are a number of different ways to get ODM/WebODM running depending upon your computer setup, so let’s start there.

I haven’t taken the responsibility of the computer that I will do image processing yet, I will share with you as soon as possible. thanks Bro :slight_smile:

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