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Hi community,
I want to run WebODM on my Win10Pro. Until now i succeed to install and launch Docker Desktop, and it’s running.
On my CMD line, i have download webodm, and the prompt is
So now ? Which steps to follow ?
I have the open page
But i don’t understand where to go

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Follow these here:

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Thanks !
But, now at step 4 from the link, i have this while running the command :
$ ./ start&
[1] 253
Checking for docker… OK
Checking for git… OK

Cedric@DESKTOP-JR6M9C7 MINGW64 ~/ODM (master)
$ Checking for docker-compose… OK
Starting WebODM…

Using the following environment:
Host: localhost
Port: 8000
Media directory: appmedia
SSL key:
SSL certificate:
SSL insecure port redirect: 80
Celery Broker: redis://broker
Default Nodes: 1
Make sure to issue a ./ down if you decide to change the environment.

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.nodeodm.yml start || docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.nodeodm.yml up --scale node-odm=1
Starting db … failed
Starting broker … failed
Starting worker … failed
Starting node-odm … failed
Starting webapp … failed
No containers to start
Pulling db (opendronemap/webodm_db:)…
latest: Pulling from opendronemap/webodm_db
Question : may i missed something with Docker ? Must i create an account or something else ??

No, no account needed.
Looks like nothing needed is available in the docker image… So odd.
You’re positive you didn’t miss any steps?

As an aside, this funding drive is designed to make this whole process way easier:

Thanks for answering.
Everything worked indeed. But, downloading through GIT GUI all WebODM components took a looooong time (i went to sleep). Next, all was downloaded and OK. I have forgot to tick WSL2 in Docker also. I think that led to fail because i had the $ at the prompt end in GIT GUI (up).
This morning, i opened the browser with local host 8000 and “Great” WebODM opened.
It takes time to configure at first use in GIT.
It takes take to process…(depending on my computer capabilities i guess)
It create all along time a huge growing Docker file named ext4 on my SSD, that fills its free space…
That enough for a free application, not as accurate and fast that other commercial software.
Is it possible to get faster processing using a Cloud ??
Thank a lot to you all community ! Reading the posts and found the keys to solve my setup issues is great !!!
Best regards, i will continue explore the topics


It should be just as accurate, if not more so.

Yes, depending upon your machine’s specs, you might be better served with WebODM Lightning:

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Thanks a lot Saijin for your contribution.
Well, when i have a close look at UAV Mapping Arena, it seems that both ortho and DEM are not so accurate than Metashape for example.
I used Solvi and i wait for the high-res ortho from WebODM to compare.
Regarding the DEM, already compared, it’s not as accurate. Working for landscapes and agriculture, there might be no more differences. The desktop process takes a long time but it’s free :slight_smile:
Using WebODM Lightning on a Cloud is not free, even if it’s cheap.

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Interesting about the accuracy. I wonder if our recent upgrade to 2.0 might help…

No, not free, but supports development of OpenDroneMap as UAV4Geo is the parent company.

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Pet peeve: free and open source software is (often) professional software, though it’s cost recovery model is different than proprietary software. :smiley:

Probably no significant changes, as 2.0 doesn’t yet see the latest OpenSfM changes.

@Ced_et_Pros, as far as accuracy, I’ve done quantitative and qualitative assessment of accuracy between Agisoft and OpenDroneMap on massive datasets, and OpenSfM’s default handling of the balance between GPS and photogrammetric inputs is orders of magnitude better for things like lens corrections, which means that for these massive datasets, OpenDroneMap is more accurate. But Agisoft does a better job providing better smoothness and detail in the smaller features. Agisoft itself has historically been considered more accurate that Pix4D.

My general summary (which applies to 5000+ image datasets, and may look different with smaller datasets) is that OpenDroneMap is noisier but contains much less sytematic bias. If your use case cares a lot about noise, less about sytematic bias (which affects things like hydrological modeling, etc.) and is somewhat price insensitive, Agisoft or similar is the way to go. If your use case is sensitive to systematic bias or is price sensitive, WebODM is the way to go.

And we’ll get that noise down further. It’s just a matter of time. We are a few years younger than our closed source siblings.


Ah, gotcha. I hope those can go in soonish :slight_smile:

I’d rather deal with a bit of noise than have overly-smoothed data that removes actually valuable information.

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We are flag happy over here: if we have to lie in order to get smoothness that’s not real, we’ll make sure you can control it. :smiley:


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