Help Applying VARI to Orthomosaic

Hi there,

A new WebODM user here. Creating fast orthophoto seemed to work great for imagery of my canola crop. Even with my mediocre cpu specs (i5 4460, 8GB RAM, I may upgrade to 16GB shortly). I would however like to apply VARI to my existing RGB mosaic. I had found some code on other posts here ( ODM/ at master · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub ) but I cannot seem to figure out where to apply it.
I’m very impressed with merkato’s results here. I just have no idea how utilize his resources.

Any input for a noob like myself would be very welcome.

WebODM doesn’t have VARI outputs yet, but it’s in our pipeline: NDVI, VARI · Issue #241 · OpenDroneMap/WebODM · GitHub

With funding or additional contributors we would be able to get to it faster. At the current pace, I’d expect VARI outputs to be available sometimes next year.

Yo, just wirte one self. algorythm is simple enough. or if you are total noob, send an email to [email protected] specifying target platform and i can write a code for ya.


I took a break from this topic, but I am back.

I’m currently taking some of last summer’s data and playing with it for my farm. I was experimenting with my Mavic Pro last summer.

I have used Web ODM to make an orthomosaic of part of a canola field. Which again, works great. Especially since I’ve since added some RAM to my computer.

However I’m still trying to apply some Vegetation indices to it (namely VARI) just to compare to my harvest data from last fall to learn, and it’ seemingly very difficult.

I have been trying to use QGIS with GRASS, selecting the tool, selecting VARI, etc, etc.

I choose my RGB .tif file for the three visible bands but I keep getting a black file.

Any tips?

Is there a way WebODM can do the VARI algorithm instead?

Anton, you say the algoritm is simple, which I agree, but I cannot seem to see where to apply it in WebODM. Perhaps I should try the regular ODM software?

Hi @ pierotofy, I can see here that the VARI option is available in WebODM and it’s great.
Is there a way to create the VARI output using the docker (docker run --name myodmdocker -v /home/ec2-user/proj:/datasets/code opendronemap/odm:2.5.7)?

That would be great.


Any reason you’re still on 2.5.7?

haven’t updated yet. Does the new versions support the VARI output?

Yes, you can export a rendered orthophoto as VARI or other indicies from the Map View.

Hi, sorry for not being clear.
I’m using the odm docker to automate the process, so using the map view is not relevant for this use case. I’m currently taking the orthophoto output to be saved in one of my buckets, and shotdown the processing server, without use the map view or any manual option at any point.
Is there any flag or option to be passed to the docker in order to generate VARI on the ortho created?


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I am not aware of the Map View being exposed to our API.

Nop! But you could use — GDAL documentation to script calculations to compute various indices.

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Thanks guys, you are the best!

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