Help/Advice with New Mavic 3 Waypoints Functionality for Mapping

I previously owned a Mavic 2 Pro which worked fine with WebODM for creating aerial imagery, using Drone Deploy to plan mapping missions. Then I moved to a Mavic 3 and discovered there was no SDK or waypoint functionality - so, difficult to collect images. Recently, DJI released a new firmware update which includes waypoints and some mission planning (but not mapping missions), but still no SDK for Drone Deploy, Litchi or others to use. I haven’t found any sites which provide advice on how to best utilize the new waypoint functionality for planning mapping missions. Does anyone on this forum either have any advice, or know of any links to sites which do have a tutorial(s) specifically for planning mapping missions with the Mavic 3 (consumer versions - not 3E or 3T)?


I have a Mavic 2 pro and hoped to get the mini as it’s avoids the drone rules but it seems that DJI doesn’t want people to use their consumer drones for mapping any more.

I think they are trying to sell more expensive drones.

It’s a pain.

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