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Hello from North Carolina. I have always been fascinated by aerial pictures. As a kid (a long time ago) I launched Estes rockets with a camera built into the nose cone. The camera took 110 Kodak film. I’d save my money so I could buy rocket motors and get the pictures developed. When I got a little older I used a radio controlled airplane to capture images. I stuck a camera to the bottom of the plane. The glow exhaust from the engine would fowl the camera lens with oil. But, it worked much better than the rocket and the camera was digital too. My first UAV was a 3DR Solo. I was blown away by the capabilities of the drone. Needless to say I have seen some progress in remote aerial imaging over the last 50 years.

Currently I work for NC Cooperative Extension which is the outreach arm of NC State University. In my position I work with farmers. I help them manage their crops and livestock using research based practises.

I am using WebODM to create and share drone maps of crop and pasture fields. This makes scouting fields so much more efficient. I currently have WebODM running on a digital ocean drupal. I’d like to figure out how to manage volumes in docker so I can add file space as needed and manage server costs.

I hope I can give back to the opendronemap community. This is an awesome project. I’m currently reading OpenDroneMap: The Missing Guide by Piero Toffanin. Great resource.



What a history!

I always wanted that Estes, but it was ever out of reach. By the way, I’m just finding out today how freaking hard/expensive it is to get 110 cartridges developed!

3DR Solo club for life :wink:

Glad to see another Precision Ag person around, and thanks for helping support better farming practices.

The book is an incredible resource!

Looking forward to seeing you around the forum!

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It was early 80’s when I had 110 film developed. I found this picture recently and scanned. Good times! I had lots of fun with rockets as a kid.


Hi, welcome!! :wave:

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:rocket: :camera_flash: :rocket:

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