Hello ODM community!

Firstly, Kudos to you Piero.

Bringing this technology out to the people is really awesome.

My profile basically explains my use for the software.

I’m really interested in merging traditional survey method and larger scale aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry together.

I’m also interested in coupling LiDAR data with photogrammetric interpolation.

I have to admit my C skills have lapsed considerably. I first started work on a HP-UX GIS system from GenaSYS software in 1994. In 1998 I moved into surveying and have a limited GIS use since.

So I’m running WebODM via a dongle, until I master using ODM and it’s configuration.

I utilise a 16Gb Ram machine hopefully has enough memory to process what I need.

Any tutorials or help on being able to multiple nodes to perform heavy tasks would be appreciated.




Hi, welcome! :hand:

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