Hello! I have a basic question

I’m new to OpenDroneMap, and I purchased LiveODM recently and have used it a few times. How do I tell what the current versions are for the different packages and download the latest LiveODM ISO? I didn’t see a way to re-download it if you’ve already purchased it. Thanks!

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You can use the same download link from your email to download the latest version.

If you open WebODM, go to the “About” tab and it will tell you the version you’re running.

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Thank you. I did discover that the original download link still works. I guess what I’m wondering is how I can know when there is a new version available to download? Also, the download file (“opendronemap.iso”) doesn’t have a version number in the name, but I suppose I could download it periodically and compare it with the last one I downloaded to see if it’s different. Hopefully there’s a better way.


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