Hello From Sri Lanka (DroneDeploy -> ODM)

Hello all drone pilots, community members, drone service providers, coders, & well wishers!

I’m Pravin, & I run SkyEye (Pvt) Ltd in Colombo, Sri Lanka. SkyEye services the property development & construction industry with drone mapping services. We do not perform advertising content creation services & prefer to stick to mapping & 3D modelling.

I have been signed up to Drone Deploy for 4 years now, & just found ODM today. I paid for the single user license & installed it on my Mac, & was delighted with how fast it could process a data set. I will be purchasing the additional guide for the software too as I do want to master this system!

I am honoured to be a newbie in this community & look forward to learning & sharing with all of you!

Ayubowan! (may you live long - in my local language)



Sounds like you have a ton of experience, so we look forward to seeing some of your awesome work when you feel like sharing!

Please ask if you need help on something!

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Pravin, great to meet you and welcome!


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