Hello From Ontario

Hello! I’m a software engineer from Ontario. Very excited to work with WebODM and this lovely community.

I was wondering, is there in instant messaging chat for those interested in ODM? I’d love to join :slight_smile: .



I think this is still considered “official”, though it is fairly quiet.

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What’s your area of expertise? Are you looking to take a poke at OpenDroneMap and contribute!?

What’s a project you are proud of that you can show off?

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I’d say my expertise is in software engineering in general I suppose. My favourite languages are Go and Python currently (but I can work in many). I love using WASM to accomplish things that work on everything, too. Currently I work with Airborne Innovations Group, and we plan on using WebODM as part of a live-service aspect to our LiDAR scanner product we’re working on.

I honestly don’t have a lot of experience in point cloud data or anything, but I’m learning quickly. The person above me has a lot of experience with LiDAR (he put together the hardware we use, and hired the right people to get everything talking to each-other correctly) and I believe aviation in general. We do plan to contribute back anything we change in ODM, we’re very impressed with it.

I have random things I can share, unfortunately not everything is public, but a few things I like:

  • ipfs-sync - I’ve been very interested and involved with IPFS lately, so most of my free time is working on IPFS related things, or helping the community.
  • *><> (spec) (SmileBASIC 4 port/video) - A 2D esoteric programming language I made for code-golfing / fun.
  • Water Dispensing Kiosk - My first professional job I team-leaded this project and wrote 100% of the code involved.

I have a lot of things I’ve worked on, but those 3 things are what I’m currently most proud of, that are public.


I really like the Water Dispensing Kiosk. Very practical, but very very useful. The best kind of project!

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