Hello from Hong Kong!

Hello everyone, I’m from Hong Kong and have just started looking for an alternative to Pix4D. I used to do more traditional GIS work and now am moving into urban applications of drones.



I’ve been kicking myself for not visiting Hong Kong when I was in Shanghai (and had an opportunity to do so), so I’d personally love to see some of your data!

Hopefully we can get you up and running!

Pierotofy’s company, UAV4gGeo, offers some great products such as easy-install media, advanced GCP editors, the always-wonderful OpenDroneMap: The Missing Guide book.

UAV4Geo also runs The Lightning Network, a cloud-hosted ODM instance which I quite enjoy for my work usage.

Finally, they have DroneDB in pre-release, which will be a sUAS data storage platform.

All funds from these products go directly back into the ODM ecosystem to help improve it for all of us.

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Thank you! And also thank you for the commercial vs ODM comparison information you have shared in the QGIS Open Day chat!


No problem! They’re from Abhiroop Bhatnagar!

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Hi, welcome! :hand:


Glad you found them helpful :slight_smile: Welcome!


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