Hello from Durango Colorado

Hi! I got my remote pilot license 2.5 years ago and have been starting up a drone program at my company where I work mostly with GIS. My company purchased a license for Agisoft Metashape, but I’m interested in learning ODM and using it for personal and volunteer projects, such as with the local archaeological society.

So far, most of the work I’ve done with drones has been for oil spill response. My company contracts through NOAA to perform shoreline surveys looking for oil that has washed up on the shoreline, especially on marshes and beaches. Most recently, we worked at an incident in Brunswick, Georgia (USA) where a RoRo (roll-on roll-off) car carrier capsized and has been sitting on its side since September 8, 2019. The tidal range in that area is fairly large and there are big mud flats, limiting accessibility, so the drone was very handy for looking at areas that we couldn’t get the boats close enough to. We are still actively involved and they will be cutting apart the ship soon to remove it!


Hey @jencarta :hand: welcome! Very cool work, I’m glad to hear drones (and perhaps ODM) are being used for good causes like this one.

Welcome! Durango is beautiful country.