Hello from Chile - Trust me I'm an engineer!

Hello guys!

I’m fairly new into this sort of analysis but it’s been a more than easy journey thanks to ODM and all the effort behind it. Coming from a linux developing enviroment for statistical analysis and with a research applied to industry background having a tool like ODM made life full of colors and rainbows to be able to deliver industry level results. So far, nothing to envy to other paid software around the corner.

Currently I am working in the construction of a dam project in central Chile, I’m using a P4P V2.0 Pro to capture data and then WebODM does the magic to get awesome results to add up to the construction process and the BIM methodology.

I, more or less, visit the forums but it’s been of help when I’ve found some issues with the platform in my computer. Hope I can contribute to the accumulative knowledge of this forum and its users.



Hi, welcome! :slight_smile:

What a cool project.



Sounds like amazing work!

Care to share some shots?

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I would really love to share some shots and the results I’m getting from WebODM but sadly due to NDAs I can’t show to the public what I have so far… maybe in some months I may do it :frowning_face: