Hello from Austria

Hi! :slight_smile: Don’t know what to write? Try with these:

  • What do you do? I’m a small business owner starting my drone services with aerial photography and expanding to aerial mapping and inspections
  • How did you get into drones? I’ve got 6+ years RC experience with drones and wings
  • How are you using/hoping to use the software? A Docker image on my laptop and a proxmox server in the basement.
  • What are you working on currently? Any projects you’d like to share or talk about? Just figuring things out, later on sure.

Welcome! Nice to meet you!

  1. Sounds like a great area to explore! Very exciting work.
  2. What is your favorite RC, and do you build?
  3. Nice setup!
  4. We look forward to seeing what you post!

I like bulletpoints :slight_smile:
Thank you, I sure hope I can make a living out of it.
My latest one was a couple of years back, a Tarot hexacopter with a sony alpha 6000 . I even designed and made a custom gimbal for it: 3 axis Sony brushless gimbal by deniboj - Thingiverse . Other than that, a 3D-printed plane but mostly foamies.
Nowadays it’s easier just to buy a prebuilt, no need to build yours unless you need a UAV for some specific scenario.
Will do, currently my server is 0/24 running paralell with my notebook, testing different settings.

  1. I think you will if you put in the work, and it sounds like you are interested, so that’s a great start!
  2. Very cool sounding build! I only have a FliteTest Mini-Mustang build (awaiting upstream ArduPilot support of FlySky/MavLink telemetry bridge before I finish), but have an ASW-28, 3DR Solo, and BetaFPV Beta65 Pro 1S.