Hello from a UAV startup!

Hi Everyone!

I’m Joe, the CEO of Aerostade, a UAV startup in NY, USA. In addition to the normal UAV services like mapping, modeling, photography, and videography, I’m working on some novel concepts.

The end goal, similar, I think, to ODM, is to democratize UAV technology. By combining a variety of open-source software and commercial, off-the-shelf components, I’m aiming to offer a sub-$2000 fixed wing mapping and SAR platform with a flight duration of 90 minutes, RTK, 15km transmission range, and other features offered only on high-end platforms.

Once the prototypes are complete, I’m targeting NGOs, conservation/environmental groups, disaster relief organizations, and other who operation on a shoestring budget.

Feel free to reach out with questions or comments, or for collaboration opportunities.



Hi ! Target forestry also ! (Include Canada)
We are expanding really fast the drone side, and most of solutions out there are either not performant enought (quadcopter) or too expensive !


Nice! Will the platform be open source? It would certainly help achieve the goal faster.


Have you looked into the ArduPilot stack, specifically some of the Cube/HERE offerings?

Saijin- that’s exactly what I’m using. Orange cube, HERE3, herelink controller (that’s expensive, but worth it!) and Mission Planner.

pierotofy- absolutely! Flight planning and control is all Ardupilot, and the detect (soon to be detect and avoid) is an open-source product from Kitware. I’m thinking that I’ll need developer support in about 6 months, so if you know anyone… hint-hint.

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@forestra- I could put a mapir camera in the front bay, no problem! Decent NIR and multispectral for a good price.

It’ll also be a platform that is easily customized by the end user. Open source, easy disassembly! The nosecone is actually modular.

Before harvest and post harvest are mostly the heart of use.
One of the most trouble comes from the landing (take off isn’t) as most of road are rough or gravel and narrow… Forestry (in Quebec at least, and i bet in Canada) need fixed wings for superficie but VTOL for those reasons…

VTOL is great, but does increase expense and programming complexity pretty significantly, since you’re basically strapping a quadcopter to a fixed wing. There are also implications for drag, duration, and payload capacity, unless you have a wingtra-style VTOL… which are cool, but I haven’t figured out how to do myself.
I have leading-edge flaps and an oversized motor in my prototype to allow STOL (short takeoff and landing), and I can get off the ground in about 50 feet. Theoretically, I could add lidar ToF sensors to prevent collisions with trees went landing or taking off on narrow logging roads. I’ve also seen “off road” landing gear, which is hilariously oversized, but haven’t tried it myself.

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Hahaha offroad landing gear this sound awesome, i’ll look for it ^^
Anyway i’ll follow your developpement !

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That’s quite a stack!

I’ve got Solo, so Black Cube, a prototype mRo M9N, and the SoloLink. I really enjoy Solex for Android GCS, but for absolute control, there is no substitute for MP on the desktop.

Will you be putting anything like the PingRX for ADS-B sense/avoid? What carrier board are you using?

I’m currently looking for ADS-B detect and avoid options. I’d love suggestions.

I’m considering putting an iris autonomy system on the one I use, in order to get a BVLOS waiver. It’s super expensive though.

What I’m working on that is novel is ground-level detect and avoid through automated CV-supported identification of people and vehicles in a POV camera. By calculating the velocity of ground-based objects/people and altering the flight path of the aircraft, I hope to have a system that will prevent unintentional flyover, which, of course, is banned by the FAA.

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The only ones I’m familiar with at present are the current Cube Carrier ( ADS-B IN Carrier Board - CubePilot), and the PingRX, which is very light & affordable ( pingRX Real-Time Sense and Avoid for UAS - uAvionix)

If it weren’t well more than I can justify, I’d have it in the Solo already, haha.

Hey Joseph! Good to see you on here. I’m pretty useless on the hardware side but I look forward to following your progress.


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