Hello everyone

Just want to say thank you to developers and contributors of this amazing project.
Will be using WebODM for my own hobby (backpacking, hiking, fishing and etc.)
Scouting with Phantom 4 Pro and building maps of areas I visit should add more fun.
I wish this project could support Parrot Disco video processing :slight_smile:
Thank you all!

Hey @passatiji :hand: welcome!!

Yes it would be cool to have support for that. We’re waiting for contributions to fix https://docs.opendronemap.org/using.html#video-reconstruction-developers-only

Wow, this is exciting! So users that are comfortable with command line and some challenges can use ODM to process videos. Is my understanding correct that WebODM doesn’t have an interface for this? So we need to:

  • create popular cameras’ profiles so there is no need to calibrate known camera/lens combinations
  • allow users to create camera profile and select from existing templates
  • allow users to upload calibration video for cameras that are not listed (custom profile)
  • compile video processing modules to make them part of installer
  • modify node settings so the right parameters are passed for processing

What type of contributions are we looking for?
I bet we have huge amount of users willing to test :wink:

Mostly for somebody familiar with Python and C++ to fix the ORB_SLAM module (which is currently broken) and tie it into the ODM pipeline.

Taking in consideration I lack those above mentioned skills what would be the guesstimate in money? Could we collectively fund raise? How down the priority list is this task?

Fund raising is surely an option; it would be better to float the idea and get some pledges before setting up anything however; we haven’t received many requests to implement SLAM, so I wonder if this might be a challenging one to crowd fund.

An option could be to find a freelance developer (like on upwork.com) and post a job with a target budget.

This is the exact reason I asked about the priority. For a newbie like me everything is shiny plus I have a wing that is capable to capture video so I jumped on this idea. No need to invest efforts if there is no public interest in this feature. It was worth asking though.Thank you for the answer.

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