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I live in Washington State, splitting my time between Edmonds (north of Seattle) and Walla Walla (southeastern corner). I’m retired. Spent my entire career in IT (much of it before it was called IT). Programmed in Basic Plus in college, then Fortran, Assembler, Macro, JavaScript, SQL and others… on PDP-8s, PDP-11s, VAXen, a few others, and finally, PCs. My last job was working for Washington State Ferries supporting their Point-of-Sale system.

I turned 70 last summer. Bought a drone almost 4 years ago (DJI Phantom 4 Pro) because it sounded like fun, then a DJI Air 2 last winter so I could carry it in my backpack when hiking and cross-country skiing.

I started with WebODM on Windows several years ago, and am now running it using Docker on Windows. Recently replaced my old laptop with a much more capable one: CORE i9 processor with 64GB memory and 2TB SSD.

I’ve shot photos of my property and neighborhood using my drone, and also a few friends places. I initially used Drone Deploy, back when it was free for small projects, to create 3D models. I need to go back and reshoot everything with more overlap for better modeling. I’ve also shot table-top models, and interesting trees and rocks and anything else I think might look cool in 3D.

All of this is just for fun. I’m only just beginning to use processing parameters beyond the defaults in ODM. I’ve spent many hours reading this forum, and have learned so much. Thank you to all that participate here.

Future? I’m considering trying to make a little money with my drone to help pay for it (so I can upgrade, of course). I have used Litchi to create flight plans, but need to become more proficient with it, and need to look into other (free) software. Next on my list is to learn enough of Blender so I can play with the models I create, to clean them up and show off what I’ve done. :smile:

I haven’t done much with the mapping capabilities of ODM so far, mostly just 3D modeling. I have loaded a couple of test models to Sketchfab, and hope to do some more interesting modeling in the future. Sketchfab’s file size limits are pretty restrictive. What do other people do?

I have a blog where I sporadically post things I’ve done. What I post is just what interests me at the time. Certainly not ODM-centric!

Gary - https://garystebbins.com/



I’ve been a surveyor for fourteen years, I use a drone and WebODM to map areas. Ortophoto and pointcloud is what I need.

If you like pointclouds I would suggest using CloudCompare for editing. It’s the best!



Sounds like you’re living the dream!

Please keep us apprised of whatever fun stuff you’re working on here, too! It is always so great to see what folks are up to :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome! I’m not too far from you, in Ephrata, Wa., near Moses Lake. Basically, draw an X from corner to corner of Washington and you’ll find me.

Litchi is great if you are planning a flight for video, or automating photography for say, construction progression where you want to repeat that same flight over and over. If you’re looking for a good general application to capture your images with, check out Pix4D Capture, it is still free and as far as I know, it is the only one that allows free flights, which is handy if you are capturing building faces. Otherwise, I really like Maps Made Easy’s Map Pilot Pro. Unfortunately, they recently went to the subscription plan to even use the app. I’ve yet to find an app that has the same feature set.

Great website, it looks like we have some similar interests.


I’ve been through Ephrata many times. Know exactly where it is. :slight_smile:

I have played with Pix4D Capture, but have not spent enough time with it to learn its capabilities. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll take another look at it.

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I’m no expert by any means, I recently started playing with DJI GSP (GS Pro), which works much the same way as DroneDeploy and Pix4D Capture, but is free. Of course, it doesn’t do any of the processing that Pix4D will do (for a large fee), but it will do automated collection plans that seem to work quite seamlessly! The stop-to-photograph function takes more reliably clear photos than the Timed Photos and manual transects I had previously been using, though it takes more time and battery.



Thanks, Conor, for the GSPro suggestion. That’s another tool I haven’t spent any played with yet. I use a Phantom 4 Pro, so it’s not as important to stop for each photo as long as I keep my shutter speed up.


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