Hello and About the Open Aerial Imagery Association

Hello, I wanted to introduce myself and raise some awareness about a startup not-for-profit association that I’m helping to develop up here in Canada.

The Open Aerial Imagery Association is a Canadian not-for-profit association with a mission to acquire aerial imagery and freely distribute the same under open, Creative Commons licences. We’re a 100% volunteer association made up of volunteer pilots who fly fixed-wing aeroplanes and remote systems to capture the imagery. https://openaerialimagery.org/

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We’re starting up, but are already capturing thousands of images every month, and aside from making the imagery openly available, we’re looking for specific projects to collaborate with allied partners on. Because we’re focused on the “upstream” capture side of aerial imagery, we don’t process or exploit or analyze our imagery any way before distributing. But many “downstream” potential end-users of our imagery would most benefit from imagery that is tiled, ortho-rectified, etc. for use in geospatial types of applications. While doing that sort of exploitation is beyond the scope of our association’s mandate, we’re really looking to discuss potential partnerships with organizations that would help to open up potential uses the imagery.

I am personally new to ODM, but a did play around with it a couple of weeks ago and was amazed at how well it worked in automatically stitching together some of our raw imagery. Everything I’ve heard about ODM from elsewhere in the industry has been exceptionaly positive and everyone is amazed at how it keeps getting better and better. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to help out!

And I’m really hoping to see someone use ODM on our raw aerial imagery datasets to push some great works “downstream” - it will be great to see our OAIA imagery used widely. Likewise, if anyone has any ideas for where and what to capture in our raw imagery datasets, that would be fantastic! We’re always looking for new and interesting ideas of where to fly our planes and RPAS to capture new imagery.

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That’s a pretty interesting and compelling mission. Welcome! You might also look to DroneDB which augments some of the OpenDroneMap ecosystem with raw data management tools:

And if you haven’t stumbled upon all the downstream end uses, you may or may not have seen OpenAerialMap and the Open Imagery Network.

We are glad to have you here.


Thanks - I hadn’t seen that before, but I think DroneDB may be perfect for some of our uses. Definitely starred in GitHub! Thanks again!

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