Hello all

Hi all,

Recently moved from The Netherlands to the Dominican Republic and starting a new life and business here together with my wife and daughter.

  • The business I want to start here: Photography and videography services for realtors and real estate agents
  • How did you get into drones: Needed for this type of services
  • How are you using/hoping to use the software: making 2D and 3D models/maps for realtors
  • What are you working on currently: Truying to find the right software (and I think I did) for making making 2D and 3D maps for realtors and real estate agents (Dronelink + WebODM)


Iā€™m working as a land surveyor, I make 3D point clouds with images from a 20mp DJI drone or just a camera(phone/GoPro)

I edit the clouds in CloudCompare and work with ortophoto in QGis.

Hope you get things going!

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