Hanging up on Reconstructing all views?

Hey all, first time posting here.

I’m a new user of WebODM and it looks like it’ll be a phenominal piece of software. My computer is relatively decent, with a 2 gen old i5 and an RX570. I’ve allocated 12 gb of ram and 3 cores to webODM.

My issue is that the log stops at :
[INFO] Running dense reconstruction. This might take a while. Please be patient, the process is not dead or hung.
[INFO] Process is running
[INFO] running /code/SuperBuild/src/elibs/mve/apps/dmrecon/dmrecon -s2 --progress=silent --local-neighbors=2 “/var/www/data/8552ae9a-52e6-4cd0-9f9d-27a60ee16165/mve”
MVE Depth Map Reconstruction (built on Sep 18 2019, 14:34:12)
Initializing scene with 317 views…
Initialized 317 views (max ID is 316), took 27ms.
Reading Photosynther file (317 cameras, 241251 features)…
Reconstructing all views…

it’s been here for about18 hours now (with a total of 23 hours for this task). I’m a little worried that it’s somehow stuck here. But maybe my machine is just not quite up to snuff for the task? CPU is still running at about 100% and I have about 80% RAM usage. Should I need 32GB of ram for this task?

Thanks for any feedback here. Hoping to get things up and running soon.

Hi @Crowew :hand: and welcome!

I’d say you’re right at the edge of memory requirements, it’s possible that the machine is swapping your RAM, thus the very long runtime. I suspect more memory would speed this up (is there a lot of disk usage going on?)