Ground control points interface error

Hey guys I was wondering if you need to have ground control points interface in pictures in order to get an orthophoto as output. I got an error when I used pictures without ground control points interface. Thank you

Hi @dorianglon – you need some sort of geographic data. That can be the camera positions themselves stored in the exif data of the image, or it can be GCPs specifying locations seen within the images.

How are you collecting your data? Many drones put the positions in the exif data automatically.

dronedeploy and pix4d just stitch the images together without gcp’s. why would i need to add gcp to my images?

You don’t, as long as the images have geographical data embedded. ODM works like DroneDeploy or pix4d in this regard. If you got an error, perhaps there’s a problem either in the images, or in ODM. Upload them somewhere so we can take a look?

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