Grinds to a halt during processing

I have been using WebODM for months. But lately it grings my 'puter to a halt by using all the available ram.
My latest project uses about 320 images. It loads and resizes the images. While it’s doing this I can watch the memory usage on my resource monitor keep rising from about 30 % up to 80%. Once it starts processing it keeps ramping up to 99% until it just stops. I can let it run for 7 more hours and no progress. Almost no GPU resources are being used.
16gb ram. I have made no changes to the computer.
I upgraded to latest version as well but still no help.
8-core 3200 mhz processor.

Hi Bob,

I can’t say why the change: resource usage seems to be pretty steady of late in ODM. You can turn down your concurrency to try to eek out some extra processing from the same RAM:

--max-concurrency <positive integer>
                      The maximum number of processes to use in various
                      processes. Peak memory requirement is ~1GB per thread
                      and 2 megapixel image resolution.
                      Default: number of cores

Take that memory requirements portion with a grain of salt: that probably only applies to the structure from motion portion of the toolchain.

Solved…Ram issue…one card was in the wrong slot (after some troubleshooting on another issue). Humming along nicely now !

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